The At Home Kids Boot Camp For Troubled Children

Children at a very young age know how to work parents against one another therefore the parents need to agree on the form of discipline and be consistent. Without proper discipline kids will not develop into proper members of society, they will not be behaved when you take them out in public and if completely uncontrolled could lead to law enforcement activities taken against you and/or your children.

When my children were young, I tried many forms of discipline such as time out, taking privileges away, writing lines, and nothing seemed to be working. Each time I tried these methods, things were fine for a few hours then back to the same old behaviour. I was worried that I was never going to get thru to them what was acceptable behaviour.

One day, in watching the Maury Povich Show about boot camp discipline I wondered if this would work for my children. Now for some parents they may think this technique is harsh and to the extreme, but some parents may feel this is their last resort. I firmly believe that disciplining a child is one of the hardest jobs a parent has to do. For many parents being the authority figure is hard as we love our kids and hate to tell them that they did wrong. I believe a child should listen because they respect their parents NOT because they fear them. My children at times were very disrespectful to their stepfather so we decided to try the at home boot camp. This technique was my last resort. Being a shy person I didn’t want to be paraded in front of a national TV audience with my children and Maury looks like a busy guy, so I created an at home version of the boot camp. I don’t believe in abusive language so in my version I removed the stereotypical yelling in the face of children.

How the At Home Children Boot Camp Works

As we sat on the sofa, we had the children stand in front of us in the middle of the living room. We explained that this behaviour wasn’t acceptable and this was how we decided to address the behaviour. The children would do whatever their stepfather would say almost like the Simon says game. He had them do jumping jacks, or march in one spot clapping their hands and say “I will not disrespect my parents” or “I will not borrow friends toys without asking first.” Each time we would respond, by saying we couldn’t hear the them and to say it louder. We would keep switching the physical activity from marching to jumping jacks to avoid them from becoming exhausted and after approximately fifteen minutes then we would have them stop and discuss what we expected.

The boot camp sessions only had to happen in our home a few times before we saw improvement. The kids started to become respectful of the rules of our home. It was such a success that other parents took notice and asked us for help with doing an at home boot camp with their children. My children are now adults and they still remember the boot camp. This may not be your first choice of discipline, but I will say it was never forgotten by my children.

All children need discipline as they try to test out and are trying to learn what is the acceptable behaviour in the home and what the boundaries of society are. As their parent remember that you also have to be able to live with the punishment. Consistency is important. Always remember to tell your children you love them and your disciplining them so that they will be a success in the long run. I found that when you explained this to your children they had no reason to fear you as their parent and you will have earned their respect.

Pressure Cooker XL Pro Review by a Mother

You can even brown ground pork in the pot of the pressure cooker. Add sauce once it's 3/4 cooked.
You can even brown ground pork in the pot of the pressure cooker. Add sauce once it’s 3/4 cooked.

In these economic times, many families need a double income in order to meet financial obligations. With busy lifestyles from working all day, extra curricular activities for kids etc, we find it so much easier to grab fast food on the way home. As the wife and parent, I was always concerned about the nutrition my family was getting throughout the day, so I was looking for something to help me make healthier meals in less time. This was when I purchased a Pressure Cooker XL Pro.

I have found the Pressure Cooker XL Pro has saved me money as well as time in the kitchen. I`ve been able to use the time saved in the kitchen making healthy meals for my family to help the kids with their homework, having a conversations about the day your kids had at school and other important family time events. Family time is very important to me and this device lets me get more of it.

For myself the Pressure Cooker XL Pro helped clear space on your counter because of its many feature. The pressure cooker replaces many other appliances,

Pressure Cooker XL pro pasta sauce and ground pork cookingsuch as vegetable steamer, rice steamer, slow cooker etc because the pressure cooker XL does what these other appliances do. It has a time delay to start which allows you to have the meal start cooking at a specific time. This is a neat feature that you won’t find on most slow cookers. It allows you to have a hot fresh meal over something that has been stewing for hours.

In case you do get held up at the office I like the safety feature that once your meal is cooked the machine will automatically switch to slow cooker mode. It can also be used as a slow cooker without the pressure.

All you have to do is put whatever meal you want for family dinner in the machine, lock the pressure and press the button on the front of the machine. The pressure cooker does the rest for you.

The Pressure Cooker XL Pro can go from frozen to fully cooked meals in 30 minutes depending on what you want to make for dinner. I use it for stews, pasta, variety of soups and I love that everything can be done in one pot for easy clean up. Something you don’t hear often is that a pressure cooker can make tastier meals. Take for instance pasta. Instead of having the noodles boil in flavourless water you can create it with the pasta sauce inside the pressure cooker. This means that the tomato based or creamy sauce through the high atmospheric pressure a slow cooker generates can enter the pores of the noodles and infuse the inside with flavour the same way that marinating meat can. When cooking pasta in the pressure cooker, the pasta cook in the sauce which I find more filling therefore my meal portion also decreases. It’s the same when cooking meat. The pressure cooker marinates the meat under the high pressure for more flavour. When using a slow cooker to make stews, the slow cooker could take hours to do, but with the pressure cooker XL the stew could be done within 30 minutes and the flavour is unbelievably better than the slow cooker. The flavour is pressurized into the vegetables so the flavour is throughout the entire stew. Before I got the pressure cooker XL, it would take me half a day to cook my soups, but with the pressure cooker XL soup can be made in 8 minutes and the flavour is much better than the ones I made on the stove. Again the vegetables are pressurized in the broth so the flavour gets through the entire soup not just the broth.

The uses for this machine does not stop at dinner either. It can be used for preserving or canning.

My only concern with the device is when checking on the progress you need to allow time to let the pressure slowly release to avoid potential explosion/blow out of liquid used for cooking such as soup broth. I had heard so many horror stories of the older pressure cookers lids exploding off etc, but the Pressure Cooker XL Pro will not allow the lid to open if there is any pressure in the machine.

By using a pressure cooker the sauce gets infused into the pasta. This means less mess and more taste. Yum!

I am not sure why more families don’t own a pressure cooker. The modern features of the Pressure Cooker XL Pro are way ahead of the old fashioned models I grew up with in the 60s. The older models were not programmable to let you set the time that the device needed to be on to cook your meal. The Pressure Cooker XL Pro is programmable therefore no estimation of time is required. It is all done for you with a touch of a button.

So on the mornings when you forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner, don’t fret! The Pressure Cooker XL cooks a meal from freezer to dinner table in less than 45 minutes! In my opinion the Pressure Cooker XL is well worth the money and will help you save money avoiding fast food meals.